LILY FRANCO evokes the plurality of Brazilian culture and the strength of the feminine. We take you on a journey through the rich Brazilian cultural heritage, its people and its natural beauties, told in each new collection. It's a path full of colors, Brazilian flair and the search for our identity seen through a feminine look. We tell these stories through our prints and we believe in circular, durable and non-perishable fashion, so our collections are cataloged by NAMES and not seasons. We believe in the impact of Slow Fashion, so we create pieces that permeate through various seasons and situations in our daily lives. Launched in Paris in the summer of 2018 by carioca based in Belgium and Entrepreneur 4.0 Paula Le Moult, Lily Franco carries in its DNA a mix of 'savoir faire' with the creative intensity of its founder who also lends her name 'jeune fille'. to the mark.


We favor handcrafted creations, female labor and companies that engage in Sustainability Pillars. OUR FABRICS | We seek to use 100% natural, biodegradable, toxin-free, FSC and OEkotex certified raw material. OUR SUPPLIERS | We select suppliers that, for the most part, work on projects Socio-Economic and Environmental Sustainability; and Abvtex certificates. OUR PRINTING | we use digital printing, as it consumes less water and less dyes. You The dyes used are all water-based, biodegradable and certified by Oekotex. Our biggest partner is Werner Tecidos, stamping more old in Brazil and pioneer in Environmental Sustainability. OUR PRODUCTION CHAIN ​​| We foster a skilled, regulated and female workforce. Our products are produced in the State of Rio de Janeiro.


Responsible Leadership It is “about courage, empathy and clarity of purpose”. We seek to make business decisions taking into account the interests of all our shareholders, employees, customers, community and future generations. Sustainability We seek to develop and improve our sustainable practices in different pillars every day. Consistency We encourage a culture of commitment to your choices and consistency in the quality of everything we do. Authenticity We partner with companies that have true sustainability purposes and that are real and authentic in the way they deliver



Alguns dizem que eu sou entusiasmada, mas eu honestamente traduziria assim: Sou uma mulher 4.0, Carioca e animadamente dedicada aos seus desejos. E um deles é ser feliz. Faço isso sendo criativa e empreendendo. Sou carioca feliz, mãe de gêmeos, esposa por opção, motivadora do empreendedorismo e empoderamento feminino; e acima de tudo sou movida pela liberdade de ser quem eu sou. Tenho amor genuíno pelo o que eu faço, sou levada na vida por meu desejo intrépido de deixar uma pegada na moda e na vida. Depois de 20 anos permeando por grandes empresas nacionais e internacionais, em 2018 dei asas a LILY FRANCO. E sigo feliz e entusiasmada dia após dia. Lily